1. Determine What You Can Truly Afford - This can be difficult, so be honest about your lifestyle and how it impacts your finances. We can help you find a price point that is affordable in a neighborhood that suites your lifestyle. 

2. Figure out Which Mortgage is Right for You - and Get Pre-Approved - What you can afford will help you determine which neighborhood you can buy into. We can put you in touch with some great industry professionals. Remember, getting pre-approved doesn't cost you anything!

3. Consider a Financial Trial Run - Start by totaling up all of the monthly costs associated with a home purchase, including your projected mortgage payment, tax and insurance estimates, and home maintenance costs. And don't worry if you don't have concrete numbers—the point is to see if you can afford a ballpark amount

4. Decide Which Features Are Must-Haves and Nice-to-Haves - It's rare to find the perfect home within your budget, so before you go house hunting, brainstorm a list of what you absolutely must find in your home—and which features are simply nice extras.

5. Start House-Hunting - Designated Agency - this means we exclusively represent you, and not the seller. Ryan will work with you and will remain loyal to you as our client throughout the process.

6. Research Homeowner's Insurance - Your lender will likely require the name of the agency providing you with home insurance, which is why you should shop around for a quote while you're still house hunting.

7. Making a Strong Offer - Here's where it can get tricky: You do not want to low-ball your offer and risk losing the home to another buyer? But, you also don't want to pay more than is necessary. Let me show you how we come to an accurate market value that’s in line with current trends.

8.Signing The Contract and Submit Your Mortgage Application - Pay special attention to contingencies, timelines and subjects in the contract. Making sure you have the appropriate terms and subjects in the contract is crucial in making sure you are protected. 

9. What Closings Costs? - Wait, is there GST? How do I know if I pay commission & how does that work? Let’s account for all of your costs so there are no surprises - it’s critical to know if you can afford something before you but it. I’ll build you a net sheet so that you have an accurate idea of what your costs will be before we make an offer.

10. The Move In - I personally walk the property to check it out

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